Author: Doris Day

  1. The major stories in Acts in chronological order.
    If the story is too long, divide it. Tell one part and the following encounter continue story.
  2. Comments and explanations of highlighted words on the right column of each story.
  3. Scripture references for each story
  4. Memory verse(s) for each story
  5. Three types of questions for each story
    1. Two Personal Questions
    2. Generic Questions
    3. Specific Questions
    Note: These are resource questions. Choose the questions that will be most beneficial for you or for your group of listeners. It is impossible to do all the questions at one sitting.
  6. Life Lessons for each story
  7. Particpation Activities for each story

The BIBLE STORIES IN ACTS are useful for:
  1. Devotions for individuals or groups of adults, youth and/or children
  2. Bible studies for individuals or groups of adults, youth and/or children
  3. Story Time for families or groups
  4. ESL (English as a Second Language) devotional or Bible study for advanced students
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  1. Jesus Ascends to Heaven
  2. Matthias Replaces Judas as an Apostle
  3. The Holy Spirit Comes
  4. The Crippled Man Is Healed
  5. Ananias Lies to God
  6. Peter and Apostles Are in Jail
  7. Stephen and Philip Serve the Lord
  8. Saul Encounters Jesus
  9. Peter Heals the Paralyzed Man, Restores Dorcas' Life, and Tells Cornelius About Jesus
  10. The Lord's Angel Rescues Peter from Prison
  11. Paul's First Missionary Journey
  12. Paul's Second Missionary Journey
  13. Paul's Third Missionary Journey
  14. Paul, a Prisoner Going to Rome