Author:  Jack Day

In the Core Bible Storying Track are 53 short Bible stories.
  • The stories within this track are condensed so that each one can be told within five to ten minutes.
  • These condensed stories are selected from a short list, in an attempt to use the least amount of stories, that would enable story-listeners to have a knowledge of the best known Bible stories and a basic knowledge of the Scripture in chronological order.
  • Generic Dialogue Questions and Specific Discussion Questions are included after the written Bible story in the Short Bible Storying Track.  The leader may select the questions he desires to use with his group.
  • A short list of Life-lessons are included after the written Bible story in the Short Bible Storing Track. A person could easily find more than twenty life-lessons from most of the stories in this track. However, this book only lists five or six life-lessons from each story.

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Old Testament

  • Check for updates; more stories will become available.
1. The Good Beginning
2. The Beginning of Sin
3. The Flood
4. Abraham
5. Lot
6. Jacob
7.Joseph: His Father’s Home; Potiphar’s Home
8. Joseph: Suffering and Thriving in Egypt
9. Moses: Slave to Prince to Shepherd
10. Moses: Freeing the Israelites from Egypt
11. Israelites: Redeemed and Tested by God
12. Israelites: Complaining and Rebelling
13. Joshua: Conquering the Promised Land
14. Gideon
15. Ruth: Restructuring One’s Life After a Forced Adaptation
16. Samuel: Heard and Spoke the Word of God
17. Saul: God’s Best Becomes a Reject
18. Saul Rejected; David Chosen
19. Saul Descends; David Ascends
20. King David Prospering
21. King David Facing Problems
22. Solomon: a Wise Man Who Abandoned Wisdom
23. The Kingdom Is Divided
24. King Ahab Fought the Lord; Prophet Elijah Fought for the Lord
25. Jonah: the Reluctant Prophet
26. Israel Defeated; Judah Defeated
27. Babylonian Exile
28. Restoration of Judah

New Testament

29. Preceding Jesus' Birth
30. Jesus' Birth and Childhood
First Year of Jesus’ Public Ministry
31. Jesus Begins His First Year of Public Ministry
32. First Disciples; First Miracle; First Conflict
33. Two Conversations with Jesus
Second Year of Jesus’ Public Ministry
34. Jesus Begins His Second Year of Public Ministry
35. Jesus Chooses Twelve and Preaches
36. The Miracle Worker and Teacher, Is Criticized
37. Jesus Teaches in Parables
38. Jesus Performs Miracles and Gives Assignments
Third Year of Jesus’ Public Ministry
39. Jesus Is Life-giving Bread
40. Jesus Experiences Hostility from Religious Leaders
41. Profound Experiences for the Disciples
42. Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacles
43. The Blind Man; the Good Shepherd
44. Traveling to the Feast of Dedication: Teaching; Conflict
45. Jesus with Martha, Mary, and Lazarus
46. Greatness in the Kingdom Is Misunderstood
Passion Week
47. Sunday Through Monday
48. Tuesday; Day of Controversy
49. Thursday
50. Friday; Jesus Arrested and Judged
51. Friday; the Crucifixion
Jesus’ Resurrected Life
52. First Two Sundays of Jesus’ Resurrected Life
53. More Appearances, the Ascension

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