Author:  Jackson Day

In the Key Bible Stories are:
  • One hundred seventy-three Bible stories.
  • Best known Bible stories in chronological order for Bible Storytelling
  • Each story includes:
    • STRUCTURE: Information about the story's organization
    • BIBLE STORY: Crafted for telling
    • GENERAL DIALOGUE QUESTIONS: Open dialogue questions
    • SPECIFIC DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Questions for this particular story
    • LIFE-LESSONS: Truths discovered in the story
    • LEARNING ACTIVITIES: Listener participation activities

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1. Creation
2. Creation of the Home
3. First Sin
4. Cain and Abel
5. Noah and the Flood
6. Tower of Babel
7. Abram, Before He Became Abraham
8. God’s Covenant with Abraham
9. Abraham, Lot and Sodom
10. Abraham and Isaac
11. Jacob and His Parents
12. Jacob Fled from Home and Encountered God
13. Jacob with Laban
14. Jacob Returned to Canaan
15. Joseph in His Father’s Home
16. Joseph, a Slave in Potiphar’s House
17. Joseph Suffering and Thriving in Egypt
18. Israelites Oppressed in Egypt
19. Moses, a Prince in Egypt
20. Moses Called by God
21. Moses Returned to Egypt
22. Moses and the Ten Plagues
23. Moses Leading the Israelites to Sinai
24. Ten Commandments Given at Mount Sinai
25. Golden Calf
26. Moses and the Rebellious Israelites
27. Moses’ End of Life
28. Joshua, the New Leader
29. Joshua Entering Canaan
30. Joshua Conquering Jericho
31. Joshua: Consequences of Achan’s Sin
32. Joshua Tricked by the Gibeonites
33. Joshua Conquering Canaan
34. Joshua’s Farewell
35. Ruth
36. Samuel’s Birth
37. Eli’s Sons
38. Boy Samuel Called by God
39. Saul Became King
40. Saul Rejected by God
41. David, the Giant Fighter
42. Saul Attacked David
43. King David Prospering
44. David’s Betrayal of God and Friends
45. Solomon Sought Wisdom
46. Solomon Built the Temple
47. Solomon Abandoned Wisdom
48. King Rehoboam
49. King Jeroboam
50. King Asa
51. Elijah on Mount Carmel
52. Elijah on Mount Sinai
53. Elijah Confronted Ahab for Taking Naboth’s Vineyard
54. Widow’s Oil
55. Naaman’s Healing
56. Jonah
57. Lepers with Good News
58. Israel Defeated
59. King Manasseh
60. King Josiah
61. Nebuchadnezzar’s Invasions into Judah
62. Daniel’s Training in Babylon
63. Daniel Interpreted Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream
64. Gold Statue and Fiery Furnace
65. Handwriting on the Wall
66. Daniel in Lions’ Den
67. Rebuilding the Temple
68. Ezra
69. Nehemiah


70. Before Baby Jesus’ Birth
71. Baby Jesus
72. Scholars Visited Baby Jesus
73. John the Baptist Prepared the Way
74. John Baptized Jesus
75. Jesus’ Temptations
76. Jesus’ First Followers
77. Water Changed to Wine
78. Jesus and Nicodemus
79. Jesus and the Samaritan Woman
80. John the Baptist Imprisoned
81. Lame Man Healed by Jesus on the Sabbath
82. Man with a Withered Hand Healed on the Sabbath
83. Four Fishermen Called to Follow Jesus
84. Paralytic Man Lowered Through Roof
85. Jesus Called Matthew (Levi)
86. Parables: Two Doors; Two Roads; Two Foundations
87. Centurion’s Servant Healed
88. Resurrection of Widow’s Son at Nain
89. John the Baptist Doubted Jesus
90. Jesus at the Home of Simon the Pharisee
91. Blasphemous Accusation Against Jesus
92. Parable: Sower
93. Parable: Weeds in the Wheat Field
94. Demon-possessed Man Healed at Gerasa
95. John the Baptist’s Death
96. Five Thousand Men Fed
97. Jesus Walked on Water
98. Jesus, the Bread of Life
99. Peter’s Confession; Peter Reprimanded
100. Jesus’ Transfiguration
101. Demon-possessed Son Healed
102. Parable: The Unmerciful Debtor
103. Jesus at the Feast of the Tabernacles
104. Woman Caught in Adultery
105. Jesus Healed Man Blind from Birth
106. Good Shepherd
107. Jesus Rejected by Would-be Followers
108. Jesus at the Feast of Dedication
109. Parable: Good Samaritan
110. Jesus Visited Martha and Mary
111. Parable: Rich Fool
112. Jesus Healed the Crippled Woman on the Sabbath
113. Parable: Prodigal Son
114. Ten Lepers Healed; Only One Grateful
115. Parable: Rich Man and Lazarus
116. Resurrection of Lazarus
117. Parable: A Pharisee and a Tax Collector Went to Pray
118. Rich Young Ruler
119. Parable: Workers in the Vineyard
120. Two Brothers’ Request
121. Blind Men of Jericho Received Sight
122. Jesus and Zacchaeus
123. Jesus’ Triumphal Entry
124. Jesus Cleansed the Temple
125. Jesus’ Authority Challenged
126. Prophecies of Jesus’ Second Coming
127. Parable: Ten Bridesmaids
128. Parable: Talents
129. Parable: Sheep and Goats
130. Mary Anointed Jesus with Perfume
131. Jesus Washed Disciples’ Feet
132. Passover Meal and the Lord’s Supper
133. Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane
134. Jesus’ Judgments
135. Jesus’ Crucifixion
136. Jesus’ Resurrection
137. Jesus’ Appearances in Galilee
138. Jesus’ Ascension
139. Holy Spirit Came at Pentecost
140. Peter Spoke at Pentecost
141. Crippled Beggar Healed
142. Peter and John Ordered Not to Talk about Jesus
143. Barnabas – Generous; Ananias and Sapphira – Deceptive
144. Seven Chosen as Helpers
145. Stephen, the First Martyr
146. Philip in Samaria
147. Philip and the Ethiopian
148. Saul’s Conversion
149. Dorcas Brought Back to Life
150. Peter at Cornelius’ House
151. Church Plant in Antioch
152. Paul Opposed Peter in Antioch
153. Peter Rescued From Prison
154. King Herod’s Death
155. First Missionaries
156. Paul and Barnabas in Lystra
157. Church Council at Jerusalem
158. Paul and Barnabas Separated
159. Timothy Joined Paul
160. Macedonian Call
161. Paul and Silas in Philippi
162. Paul in Athens
163. Paul in Corinth
164. Apollos
165. Paul in Ephesus
166. Riot in Ephesus
167. Paul’s Arrest in Jerusalem
168. Paul’s Defense to the Crowd
169. Paul’s Defense to the Sanhedrin
170. Paul’s Trial Before Felix
171. Paul’s Trial Before Festus and Agrippa
172. Paul Shipwrecked
173. Paul in Rome