Author:  Doris Day

  1. Forty-five Bible stories in chronological order
    • Bible stories: Creation to Jesus Ascending to Heaven
  2. Scripture references for each story
  3. Memory verse(s) for each story
  4. Ideas on how to begin each Bible story
  5. Suggestions for activities to use after telling a Bible story
    • Life lessons from the story
    • Specific questions for each story
      NOTE: The questions are written in the same order as the events took place in the story.
    • Other activities, such as outings, mission activities, games, drama, guests, etc.
    • Daily Bible reading for each story
  1. Devotions for individuals or groups of adults, youth and/or children
  2. Bible studies for individuals or groups of adults, youth and/or children
  3. Story Time for families or groups
  4. ESL (English as a Second Language) devotional or Bible study for advanced students
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Old Testament Bible Stories

  • Check for updates; more stories will become available.
1. Creation of the World
2. Adam and Eve Disobey
3. Cain's Anger Against His Brother Abel
4. Noah and the Flood
5. Tower of Babel
6. Abraham, a Friend of God
7. Jacob: His Name Changed to Israel
8. Joseph: God Takes Care of His Life
9. Moses: Part 1 - Birth and Call of God
10. Moses: Part 2 - Freedom for the Israelites (Ten Plagues)
11. Moses: Part 3 - God's Protection and Provisions after Leaving Egypt
12. Moses: Part 4 -Ten Commandments, Tabernacle and His Death
13. Joshua, the New Leader
14. The Judges: Gideon and Samson
15. Ruth Taking Care of Her Mother-In-Law Naomi
16. Samuel Hearing God Calling
17. Saul, Chosen by God as First King of Israel
18. David, a Courageous Youth
19. Solomon, a Man of Wisdom
20. The Kingdom Divided into Judah and Israel
21. Elijah, the Prophet of God
22. Elisha the Prophet and Naaman
23. Jonah Refusing to Obey God
24. Fall of Israel and Judah
25. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in Fiery Furnace; Daniel in Lions' Den
26. Ezra and Nehemiah Returning to Jerusalem
New Testament Bible Stories: Life of Jesus
  • Check for updates; more stories will become available. 
27. Jesus' Birth and Childhood
28. Jesus' Baptism and Temptation
29. Jesus' First Year of Ministry
  • Andrew and Philip with Jesus
  • First Miracle
  • Money Exchangers
  • Nicodemus
  • Samaritan  Woman
  • Heals Official's Son
30. Jesus Begins Second Year of Ministry
  • Calls Fishermen
  • Heals Peter's Mother
  • Heals Leprosy Man
  • Heals Paralytic Man
  • Calls Matthew
31. Jesus Calls His Twelve Disciples
  • Calls Twelve Apostles
  • Sermon on the Mount
  • Lord's Prayer
32. Jesus Heals and Teaches
  • Heal's Centurion's Servant
  • Raises Widow's Son
  • John the Baptist's Question
  • Washes Jesus' Feet
33. Jesus Tells Parables and Calms Storm
  • Parable: "The Sower"
  • Parable: "Enemy Sows Weeds"
  • Parable: "Mustard Seeds"
  • Calms Storm
  • Sends Twelve Disciples
  • John the Baptist's Death
34. Jesus Begins Third Year of Ministry
  • Feeds 5,000 with Boy's Lunch
  • Walks on Water
35. Jesus Is the Son of God
  • Feeds 4,000
  • Heals Blind Man
  • Called "Son of God"
  • Transfiguration
  • Pays Temple Tax
36. Jesus Continues Third Year of Ministry
  • Jesus, "The Living Water"
  • Jesus, "The Light of World"
  • Heals Blind Man
  • Jesus, "The Good Shepherd"
37. Jesus Tells Parables
  • Sends 72 Followers to Witness
  • Parable: "The Good Samaritan"
  • Parable: "The Lost Son"
38. Jesus Visits  Friends
  • Visits Martha and Mary
  • Raises Lazarus from the Dead
  • Perfume is Poured on Jesus' Feet
39. Jesus Shows His Love
  • Heals Ten Men with Leprosy
  • Blesses the Children
  • Heals Blind Man
  • Speaks to Zacchaeus
40. Jesus Begins Last Week
  • Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem
  • Cleanses the Temple
  • Parable: "The Two Sons"
  • Answers Question about Paying Taxes
41. Jesus Continues Last Week
  • Is Anointed in Bethany
  • Judas Plans to Betray Jesus
  • Lord's Supper
  • Washes Disciples' Feet
  • Judas Leaves to Betray Jesus
  • Predicts that Peter Will Deny Knowing Him
42. Jesus Is Arrested and Judged
  • Prays at Gethsemane
  • Soldiers Arrest Jesus
  • Religious Leaders Judge Jesus
  • Peter Denies Knowing Jesus
  • Pilate Judges Jesus
43. Jesus' Crucifixion and Burial
44. Jesus' Resurrection and First Appearances
45. Jesus' Appearances and Ascension to Heaven