By Doris Day

Copyright © 2007-2016 by Doris Day.  Permission is granted to use all or parts of each of the following Guidelines for Bible Storytelling listed below for non-commercial purposes, provided this copyright statement is included on all pages containing material from this document:  “Guidelines for Bible Storytelling” by Doris Day.  Written permission is required for all commercial uses.

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  1. How to Tell a Bible Story (revised)
  2. Storytelling Technique
  3. Steps for Choosing Bible Stories
  4. How to Lead Discussion Questions about the Bible Story
  5. How to Apply Life Lessons From a Bible Story
  6. Adventure With Bible Stories
  7. Drama With Bible Storytelling (new)
  8. Pantomine With Bible Storytelling (new)
  9. Chant With Bible Storytelling (new)
  10. Devotion Using Bible Storytelling (new)
  11. How to Do a Devotional Thought Using Bible Storytelling (new)
  12. How to Do a Devotional Cycle Using Bible Storytelling (new)
  13. Visual Resources That May Be Used While Telling a Bible Story (new)