Doris Day
Bible Storyteller and
Author of
Devotional material for adults,
youth, and children
photo of Doris Day, Bible storyteller and author
Doris uses storytelling when giving devotions in churches and retreats in the USA and internationally.

Doris honed her storytelling skills when she taught kindergarten and first grade. She has used Bible storytelling at churches in the USA and internationally. Doris and her husband Jack served as missionaries in Brazil for 33 years, employed by the International Mission Board (IMB). They were pioneers in using chronological Bible storytelling in South America. The Bible storytelling curriculum Doris developed for children and storytelling material Jack developed for adults and youth in Portuguese continue to be used throughout Brazil.

Doris and Jack returned to the USA to expand their storytelling activities.

Both Doris and Jack do storytelling, lead training seminars, and do consulting across North America and internationally. Doris helps Jack with his storytelling training, and she leads storytelling workshops to train leaders of children. Also, she leads storytelling workshops with youth.